Everyone can help

Join a Team


Find a nursing home to visit where you can make a difference in someone's life.

Be a Team Leader


Help others find a resident who needs some one on one time and give their life meaning.

tell others about Dignity for the aged


Bring your friends, neighbors and volunteer groups to share their talents!

Our story



 Hi! My name is Sam Kukich. I started this group in September 2018 when I found my Mother In Law, Rose or "Baba" as we call her battered and bruised in her room at St Francis Nursing Home in Newport News, Virginia. This was the breaking point for me as she had been in 4 homes in the Hampton Roads area, all of which provided less than basic care. I did not realize this at first, and thought our situation was unique. I was so distraught over what I saw at these nursing homes that after I found a safe place for Baba, I decided something needed to be done. That is what this group is for -- Getting Something Done. So join us in this journey and help us give a voice to those elderly who feel they have been forgotten. Thank you for being a part of the solution! 

Celebrating the 4th of July

Singing Songs


Baba loves singing and she knows all the words!

Waving Flags


Brenda was happy to wave the flag!

wearing hats


Susan, Erin and Sam rehearsing!

Sharing talents


It doesn't take much to make people smile, just share your talent whatever it is!

The Tuba Man was a favorite


Bob was a favorite with all the ladies!

The Heart Strings


What a special time it was for us to celebrate at 3 nursing homes on the 4th of July!