Guess What?

We have Dignity For The Aged

in Mombasa, Kenya!!!


welcome to The Okinya Family


 A full time pastor, who attended Bible College, is  a counselor, and community health worker.  

Timothy Okinyo founded his support group in  2013.   Awareness was created by the trained community health workers in support with community members, when it was realized how HIV/AIDS escalated, many homes were left dormant, many orphans were registered, and many young widows were left, some already infected, and were left in deep depression and many other problems. 

They came to together to reduce stigma and discrimination within the community which help others to go for free counselling and Testing.   Later they decided to register their group so that they could be recognized by the government and other non governmental organizations. 

We included aged people, we do work with the health facility for further treatment and referrals, so far we've manage to educate many people and sponsor few children.  We have community health workers, Mentors, counselors which makes our work more easier.

A little about his family

The above photo is  of my family, myself, my wife Rose Atieno, Grace Akinyi 11 yrs  a total orphan she in class 5. 

Paul Otieno 5yrs old, who was born out of wedlock who is now under my help, Lovianne Achieng 6 yrs old who is my daughter. 

My son Thomas ouma  is missing in photo he went to play. But you will he abe  to see his photo in school uniform. God bless you so much. Thanks.

Mombasa, kenya



She is Stella Jie who is also a widow, whose husband died  in 2015.  She was left in this small house without any help, right now she is suffering from diabetic, pressure, and ulcers, she almost lost her sight, but she went for eye operation and it was successful ,,though one eye still pains her, she is still under treatment, her only prayer is to have a new house where she can live with her orphans left behind.



Meet Milka Otieno  a very young widow who is also a client, her husband died few years ago.  Due to frustrations, stress and many challenges she looks very old, depressed, her house is almost going down, she has no hope,  we  facilitate her well being but its not enough.



This house is empty due to its status, the owner who is very old was taken to live with a neighborhood as we still find how we can repair this house, Many elderly face such  challenges and this is just one of the many homes left empty, We as the support group,  wish to have  a nursing home or a center where we can housed elderly people with similar problem. 

Making a Difference


Meet Margret Okongo an old woman who is also a widow, she was left many years ago struggling with life taking care of a huge family, she is our client (living positive).

Providing food


Monica Ombok with little grandchildren , preparing their which they received from our program (rice, beans and maize) her husband is very old  using a walking  stick, he cant do any job to support his family and Monica is also a housewife. the family is experiencing extreme poverty.

education , food, clothing


Atieno is her name living in this house together with her siblings, she is an orphan struggling to make it possible for her sibling's education, food, clothing, This forced her to drop out of school at primary level to take care of her young siblings. we do help but we are unable to fully meet her needs.